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As a Respect-Academy franchisee you have the opportunity to
work with people interested in improving their lives. Although we
deal with people of all ages, our primary market is young people
interested in learning the skills of models and presenters. Having an
interest in watching people gain self-confidence, life-skills and the
ability to pursue their dreams is a vital part of the Respect-Academy
experience. While sales and marketing drive the business, and are a
key element to success, the desire to work directly with people and
watch them develop is one of the fundamental values
of being a Respect-Academy franchisee.

A Respect-Academy franchise offers individuals the chance to
fulfill their dream of being an entrepreneur and controlling their
destiny. The commitment of time and effort are significant, as is the
case in any business. You will be your on boss, running your on
business, but you will have years of experienced people to help you
in marketing, hiring, training, starting and operating your business.

It is a challenge, but if you believe in yourself and want to get
started with a successful business that offers the opportunity to make
money and help people, then a Respect-Academy Center
could be the answer to your dreams!